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team aws noobs
team aws noobs

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Newsletter #3 New AWS content, podcast episodes and reminders from The Elastic Guru 🌈

HOW TO | Create your first post on The Elastic Guru

We now have a guide on how to create your first post on The Elastic Guru, so if you fancy starting your own AWS blog, or posting anything that helps AWS newbies to get started that is inline with our community spirit then this is how to get started.

SHARE YOUR AWS STORY | In the spirit of inspiring others

We are asking members to share their AWS story.
To help you get started, here is my AWS story. In return, you could get $100 of free AWS credits (sponsored by AWS). My path into AWS came much later in life and it was one of the best career decisions I ever made. I really want to be make sure we share that energy and pass it on.

REMINDERS | from The Elastic Guru

It’s the 10 year anniversary of AWS re:Invent this November in Vegas. You can actually attend in person.

AWS now allows customers to pay for their usage in advance

Health Lake is now GA

AWS CloudFormation now supports more stacks per AWS account

AWS App Mesh Constructs for AWS CDK are now generally available

AWS IoT Core now supports VPC Endpoints

Amazon EC2 now supports custom time windows for Scheduled Events

Amazon Lightsail now offers object storage for storing static content

EC2 Image Builder now supports parameters in components for creating custom images

AWS Local Zones in Dallas and Philadelphia are now available

Workflow Studio, a new low-code visual workflow designer for AWS Step Functions is now available

Amazon Kendra releases Web Crawler to enable web site search

NEW CONTENT | from The Elastic Guru community

PODCASTS EPISODES | to get you in the AWS groove

play pause AWS Morning Brief
play pause AWS Podcast
play pause AWS Podcast
play pause AWS Morning Brief
play pause AWS Morning Brief
play pause AWS Morning Brief
play pause AWS Podcast
play pause AWS Podcast
play pause AWS Podcast
play pause AWS Tech Chat

WELCOME | new members

Welcome to all new members. πŸ‘‹ Anyone can post an article on The Elastic Guru! You can post about anything AWS related, tutorials, recent finds, your backstory, how you can help others break through the gatekeepers. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

That’s all folks, wishing you all the best on your AWS journey as always ❀️

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