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A quick look at AWS S3 through the years

S3 now stores well over 100 trillion (1014, or 100,000,000,000,000) objects, and S3 also regularly peaks at tens of millions of requests per second. How mind boggling is that?

So think about it, that is almost 13,000 objects for each human on planet earth (or 50 objects for every one of the roughly two trillion galaxies in the known discovered Universe).

Wow heavy stuff.

Durability was designed into AWS S3 from the beginning. Back in 2010 AWS explained what they meant when they said that S3 was designed to provide eleven nines (99.999999999%) of availability. That's pretty hardcore.

AWS knew from the outset that hardware, software, and network failures are part of daily internet disruption, so they built S3 to handle them transparently and with grace.

Just to give you an example of the durability, AWS automatically make use of multiple storage arrays, racks, and cells across 77 Availability Zones (and counting).

In the days after S3 launched all sorts of tools, applications, and sites began to emerge and today, 15 years on, AWS S3 continues to empower and inspire developers to create amazing use cases and tools.

AWS S3 is a typical favourite of of most AWS enthusiasts, it a lot of old school experts, it is how they got started with the platform.

Here is a cool infographic from AWS to remind you of just how cool this product is. AWS S3 throughout the years

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