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How to get right music for Video

“Music is a truly universal human speech,” said German composer Carl Maria Weber in the 18th century.

Everybody like watching videos with good music. But how to achieve this in your videos? What to pay attention to when selecting a track? By adding music to your video, you get a powerful tool to influence the mood of your viewer.

Background music for videos can be an extremely effective tool. A correctly selected track will cause the viewer the necessary emotions and make him sympathize with the characters, as well as help to correctly set the necessary accents in the plot twists. Because the royalty free music library has been carefully tailored to meet unique needs, our background music will help convey your thoughts more effectively to your audience.

The music of your video can not only add fear or joy, excitement or calmness to the frame but also turn the product upside down, giving it a completely different meaning.

Each person can react differently to the same tune, but there are several rules that you should follow to choose the right music for your video.


Find the balance 

All musical works are held on three pillars: harmony, melody, and rhythm.

Harmony is the perfect sound of two or more notes. With its help, the emotional subtext of the composition is built, its mood is transmitted. Harmony enhances the sensual color and gives the composition scale.

A melody is a gradual movement of a voice or instrument up and down notes of various heights. A melody is what we sing.

The rhythm is what makes us dance, these are periodic bursts of volume that can be achieved with any musical instrument, but the most popular, of course, are drums.

The balance of these three key characteristics determines the genre of composition. With the right combination of these three components, you get the perfect background music for your video.

Sound Management Tips

An equally important aspect that you should pay attention to when creating a video is the imposition of sound on it. Consider the fact that your audience will feel the same emotion if you play a simple harmonica or an expensive musical instrument, for slow music for example best way to choose royalty free jazz music The main thing is to monitor the volume level of your music.

In most cases, people try to play music at a higher volume than the video, but you always need to make the music quieter than the sound of the clip itself.

When in your video the right music plays at the right time, then there is some indescribable magic. Your audience will not just watch the video, they will feel it and live every moment in it.



The theme of music that sounds everywhere has another aspect. Legal. The system of collecting and distributing royalties for reproducing musical compositions successfully worked even in the 20th century.

The system of fees for the public use of music all over the world is aimed, first of all, at raising funds for the development of national culture. Refusal to pay for the use of music is a type of violation of copyright and related rights. Administrative or criminal liability is provided for such a violation.

Copyrights can confuse you if you haven’t tried using music in your video before. 

You can’t just take any song or melody and use it in your video, because the artists who write and perform the musical work and the companies with which they work own the copyrights to these works and the related rights to perform and record these works. This means that they can control how others use their music. One source of income for musicians is licensing music for those who want to use it.

Therefore, TakeTones created a special Library to help you find music that you can use for your video for free. This means that you can even monetize videos that include any of these songs.

There is a huge variety of different music available online, for example, there is a royalty-free library that allows you to select and license music to create your videos. Before you make purchases in such libraries, you must carefully read the terms of use. Licensing conditions can be different, and even though they call them “royalty free”, you can still encounter a Content ID complaint in case of incorrect use. The Music Policy Directory will show you the rules set by the owners of many popular works.


A carefully selected library of music without royalties allows you to feel yourself in a large film studio. And besides, all tracks are presented exclusively at TakeTones and are provided with all necessary permissions to use copyrights.

You can get copyrights to use certain music only from the copyright holder or his official representative. Authors on some media networks have exclusive access to the database of musical compositions, or a paid subscription is issued. For a small fee, you can purchase a music license in any service, where there is also a base with free music for any project.

In general, choose and add music meaningfully, make it an important part of your product, but don’t forget about our tips. A perfectly selected track can not only direct the editing process but also attract viewers and repeatedly enhance their emotions from watching.

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