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Mark B
Mark B

Posted on

What are the Key Difference between Azure and AWS

  • Both Azure and AWS support hybrid cloud, whereas Azure supports hybrid cloud better.
  • Azure offers express routes, while AWS offers direct connections.
  • Azure provides security by offering permissions on the whole account, whereas AWS security is provided using defined roles with permission control features.
  • Azure machines are grouped into cloud services and respond to the same domain name with various ports, whereas the AWS machine can be accessed separately.
  • Azure has a virtual network cloud, whereas AWS has Virtual Private Cloud.
  • Azure has 140 availability zone, whereas AWS has 61 availability zone.

Top comments (3)

lee profile image

Here's an interesting one. AWS is built on core commercially open source (Xen and KVM) - people can see and trust the base source code.

Azure is a closed Hyper-v variation isn't it?

Also, I think AWS were first to market with VMC on AWS for a true hybrid approach and you can basically order Outposts from your account and get it delivered for DC side AWS experience.

There is no concept of Control Tower or Account Factory in Azure yet (but I think it's coming).

mark_b20 profile image
Mark B Author

Thanks for pointing out.

I would agree with that. Hyper-v is a generalized Hypervisor platform where Azure is built on Microsoft hypervisor.

Hopefully they will add the feature like control tower soon, it would make governing the accounts easier .

lee profile image

So.. after a bit of research... AWS is still running the Xen Hypervisor, however, they are moving to KVM and have build a whole new layer called Nitro (which I think powers their Graviton/ARM systems)

See here for KVM
See here for Nitro