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Cover image for Amazon SageMaker for Machine Learning Lifecycle Management
Mark B
Mark B

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Amazon SageMaker for Machine Learning Lifecycle Management

  • Amazon SageMaker provides machine learning operations (MLOps) solutions to help users automate and standardize processes throughout the ML lifecycle.
  • It enables data scientists and ML engineers to increase productivity by training, testing, troubleshooting, deploying, and governing ML models.
  • It helps integrate machine learning workflows with CI/CD pipelines to reduce time to production.
  • With optimized infrastructure, training time can be reduced from hours to minutes. The purpose-built tools can increase team productivity by up to tenfold.
  • It also supports the leading ML frameworks, toolkits, and programming languages like Jupyter, Tensorflow, PyTorch, mxnet, Python, R, etc.
  • It has security features for policy administration and enforcement, infrastructure security, data protection, authorization, authentication, and monitoring.

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