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Share your AWS Story to inspire others. You could get $100 of free AWS credits in return 🌈☀️

Hey there!

We are back at it again, this time we are gifting 5 people $100 worth of free AWS credits in return for posting their AWS journey with the goal to inspire others to break through and enjoy the same success.

We gifted $200 of free AWS credits back in April:

Lucky @wongcyrus received $200 in free credits 🥳

The free credits are sponsored by AWS and you can use them yourself of pass them on to someone you feel needs them more.

At The Elastic Guru, one of our core community principles is helping others get a seat at the table. A career as an AWS expert in any field is something special, usually well paid, rewarding and full of exciting challenges and projects.

We feel that this is something that can be shared more with others that may need a bit of help to get on the ladder, whether it's young people, students or disadvantaged people that could do with a re/Start

@helenanders26 captures that spirit beautifully with this one tweet:

So in the spirit of sharing and inspiring others we invite you to Share your AWS story.

Some suggestions for your post, let others know a bit about you and your background (only if you are comfortable) and give them some insights into what got you into AWS, how it started, what the challenges were, how you broke through and what you do today plus advice you want to offer and programs / free education that can help.

We will be picking 5 of the best stories and providing the authors with $100 of free AWS credits for their kindness.

If you are new to The Elastic Guru, here is a great guide on how to write your first post. Don't forget to use the tag #mystory.

Please feel free to share on your socials, the more stories, the better for the community. 😇

To get this started, here is mine:

The campaign will end towards the end of Aug / beginning of Sept.

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