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AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Exam Tips Thread

This is the beginning of the 'AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Exam Tips Thread'.

Post anything in the comments that you feel will help in preparation for the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Exam.

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I don’t know if this will work for everyone, and it’s a bit time consuming, but any certs I have gotten, I would study for the one above it first. My goal right now is to work gradually towards the DevOps cert.

I’ve looked at the training plans and what it all entails, and then looked at the training for SysOps. Right now I’m using Coursera’s AWS DevOps training course. After which I will find a resource for SysOps. Since the majority of stuff in SysOps is also covered in DevOps, by the time I get started on SysOps it may just be a refresher.

After I get this Cert, I’m already going to be knowledgeable in DevOps and should be able to get that one in a faster amount of time than I had originally planned.