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7 Free AWS workshops and free training to get started on your AWS skills today

Free Highly available web app on AWS workshop

In this workshop, we will explore how to configure AWS VPC, Amazon Aurora RDS, Amazon EC2, Amazon EFS, and Amazon ElastiCache to build a highly available, auto-scaling multi-tier web application.

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Learn how to build highly available, scalable and secure 3 tier web application on AWS.

Free AWS Application Migration workshop

In this workshop you will focus on Migrate & Modernize phase, you will learn how to migrate a fictional application to AWS cloud by:

  • Re-platforming of database with AWS Database Migration Service
  • Re-hosting of webserver with AWS Application Migration Service or AWS CloudEndure Migration
  • Modernization of webserver to containers running on Amazon Elastic Container Service
  • (optional) Improvement of Operation Excellence, Security, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimization of the deployed architecture by following the Well Architected Framework

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 Free Python on AWS workshop

This workshop will teach you the basics of the python programming language using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It is aimed at beginners who have never programmed in python and it uses similar methods of explaining the basics as other books and tutorials on the python programming language.

It differs in that all the examples aim to get you started building on AWS rather than learning how to build a game, website, manipulate or visualize data.

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Learn the basics of the python programming language while starting to build on AWS.

Free AWS Cloudformation workshop

The intent of this workshop is to educate builders about the features of AWS CloudFormation and how to get started building quickly.

A background in CloudFormation, command line, git, and development workflows is not required.

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Free Iterative app modernization workshop

This workshop is to guide you through the process of moving from a monolithic architecture to a microservice architecture.

The high-level agenda for this workshop is as follows:

Create a monolithic application
Front application with API Gateway
Add DynamoDB for shopping cart features
Implement Lambda as our backend
Clean up

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Free AWS Networking workshop

Learn all about AWS Networking, from the basics of VPC and Subnets to advanced multi layer complex configurations.

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Free AWS CI/CD workshop

This workshop illustrates how you can leverage the AWS developer tools to implement Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) for your application.

You begin by deploying a web-based development environment using the AWS Cloud9 service. This allows you to focus on CI/CD practices without needing a local development environment.

You proceed to deploy a simple network in the AWS cloud using the Cloud Development Kit (CDK). The CDK application deploys EC2 instances to support two different deployment environments. The workshop provides the CDK application so that you can focus on the goal of implementing CI/CD.

With the prerequisites complete, you will start building a pipeline by creating a source code repository using CodeCommit to store the simple Java web application you will use for testing. You will next learn to use CodeBuild to build the Java application source code into a deployable web archive. You will use CodeDeploy to deploy the sample application and, finally, CodePipeline to automate the release process from source code all the way to deployment. You’ll configure these services yourself, as opposed to deploying a template, so that you can maximize your learning.

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