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What is AWS Braket and what's it used for?

AWS Braket is probably the only standout AWS service that isn't available in the everyday server room. I've put together a bit of information to help you along... As an AWS noob, you probably wont use Braket, but it is good to know what it does (plus it sounds very sci-fi!)

Amazon Braket is a fully managed service that makes it easy to explore and experiment with quantum computing. It provides access to quantum computers from leading hardware providers, and a development environment to help you create and test quantum algorithms.

With Amazon Braket, you can:

Explore quantum computing: Get hands-on experience with quantum computing using the provided development environment and pre-built samples.

Develop quantum algorithms: Use the development environment to build and test your own quantum algorithms.

Run quantum circuits: Use the provided quantum computers to run your quantum circuits and get results.

Integrate with your existing workflow: Use the Amazon Braket API to integrate quantum computing into your existing workflow or applications.

Overall, Amazon Braket is a powerful tool for anyone interested in learning about or working with quantum computing. It provides a convenient and accessible way to experiment with quantum computers and develop quantum algorithms, and can be easily integrated into your existing workflow.

Hope that helps xx

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