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What are the best VS Code extensions for AWS?

Hi everyone!

I am learning more and more about what I can do within VS Code and the CLI when it comes to AWS (rather than going in via the web interface).

I thought I would share the VS Code extensions that I have recently installed and started to play with, I am not quite sure what I am doing with some of them yet but they all look super interesting!

Let me know if there are any no-brainer VS Code extensions for AWS that I have missed, would love to hear what you are using and why.

Let's start with the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code.

AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

Here is a quick demo to wet the appetite!

AWS CloudFormation Extension for Visual Studio Code

Enjoy boilerplate templates and autocomplete with this CloudFormation VSCode extension.

Project Manager

Project Manager allows you to switch between projects seamlessly, it's a must for anyone that is getting serious with VS Code and AWS.

Get it here

AWS Code Deploy VSCode Extension

AWS CodeDeploy extensions for deploying to EC2. You'll need the AWS CLI installed beforehand.

Get it here

AWS Amplify VS Code Extension

Code snippets and completion for the AWS Amplify API.

Get it here

AWS DynamoDB snippets for VS Code

This extension contains code snippets for DynamoDB syntax for VS Code editor.

Get it here

CloudFormation Snippets for VS Code

This extension adds snippets for all the AWS CloudFormation resources into Visual Studio Code.

Get it here

AWS CloudFormation Linter

VS Code CloudFormation Linter uses cfn-lint to lint your CloudFormation templates.[cfn-lint logo]

Get it here

AWS Console EC2 Manager for VS Code

VS Code aws-console integration extension, allows you to manage resources such as EC2 containers.

Get it here

VS Code Serverless Framework snippets and autocomplete

This extension contains code snippets for the Serverless Framework for Vs Code editor.

Get it here

Live Sync for AWS Cloud9

Synchronize your workspace with the AWS Cloud9 service.

Get it here

I have so much to learn 👸

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