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My AWS Story ️

My background:

After doing okay in my GCSEs, I left school and went straight in to my A-levels. I studied art, history and economics.

I enjoyed computers in school and college, but more for art through the love of pixels than anything else.

aws my story

I left college and decided not to go to University, instead I got an apprenticeship in graphic design, it was here I that I first got introduced to front end code (React) and Cloud computing, the latter started an itch that I felt like I needed to scratch.

After 3 years working in graphic design, and not enjoying a single part of it, my partner (at the time) inspired me to have a go at learned front end web development, and so my journey began! 🧑‍🎤

For the past few years I have been working towards taking my AWS associate exams whilst also working as a junior front end developer. I was introduced to AWS through our testing platform and soon realised that it was a valuable skill to learn alongside my dev skills.

aws my story

Who wouldn't want to specialist in the world's most capable Cloud platform if they had the opportunity to do so? It's ubiquitous!

The business value available within AWS across the product suite is just mind boggling, and I want to get myself into the position where I can do both front end dev and AWS architecture side-by-side, with my evil and selfish plan I am sure that my stock will go through the roof! (not just where I am but also for future opportunities).

I have a long way to go but I am committed and I have nothing but time on my side.

What's your AWS Story?

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