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How to see all resources in your AWS account

It's not immediately clear how you can list all your AWS resources within the AWS console (most people do it using the CLI)

Here's how to list all your AWS resources within your account using the AWS console:

Here is how to list all of the resources within your AWS Account (regardless of the AWS region):

  1. Login to the AWS console as normal.

  2. Search for Resource Groups & Tag Editor in the search bar of the AWS console.

  3. Open Resource Groups & Tag Editor (you can also hit the star and favourite it on your browser)

  4. Now, in the left sidebar menu, click on Tag Editor

  5. In the Regions dropdown select All Regions (it should be the first option listed)

  6. Next up, directly below it, in the Resource types dropdown select All supported resource types.

  7. Now hit the Search resources button.

AWS tag editor will now query all your resources across all your active regions, the results will be shown in a separate table at the bottom of the page.

List will display everything, including:

  • The identifier for the resource
  • The Name tag of the resource (if it has one)
  • The service that corresponds to the resource
  • The resource type
  • The region the resource is provisioned in
  • Any tags the resource is currently associated with

Now you have a list of all the resources in your AWS account, there are a couple of options to work with the data.

  1. You can export the table out as a CSV
  2. You can use the embedded filter to search for what you want.
  3. You can export all the tags
  4. You can use tag editor to edit all the tags for all of your aws resources in one place.

(To edit a tag for a resource, all you need to do is):

  1. Select the checkbox next to the resource's listed identifier
  2. Hit the Manage tags of selected resources button at the top of the search results table

Now you know about all your resources in your AWS and you can sort out all the tagging in one place :)

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