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AWS for beginners full course from Free Code Camp

Only six months old with refreshed content here is the full AWS for beginners course from the amazing people at free code camp.

Download the content for the course here

The course if below but let's just see what is covered:

Section 1 - AWS Basics

Amazon Web Services Overview
AWS Global Infrastructure
AWS Pricing
Setup your AWS Free Tier Account
Create a Billing Alarm
IAM Overview
Create IAM User and Group
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Security Groups and Network ACLs
AWS Public and Private Services
Install the AWS Command Line Interface

Section 2 - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Amazon EC2 Overview
Launching an Amazon EC2 Instance
Connecting to Amazon EC2 Instances
Create a Website Using User Data
Using Access Keys with EC2
Using IAM Roles with EC2
Scale Elastically with Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
Create a Target Tracking Scaling Policy
Add Load Balancing with Amazon ELB

 Section 3 - AWS Storage Services

AWS Storage Services Overview
Create an Attach EBS Volume
Instance Store Volumes
EBS Snapshots and AMIs
Create Amazon EFS File System
Amazon S3 Create Bucket and Make Public
Working with S3 Objects from the AWS CLI

 Section 4 - AWS Databases

Amazon RDS Overview
Create Amazon RDS Multi-AZ
Add an Amazon RDS Read Replica
Install WordPress on EC2 with RDS Database
Amazon DynamoDB

Section 5 - Automation on AWS

How to Deploy Infrastructure Using AWS CloudFormation
Create Simple Stacks with AWS CloudFormation
Create Complex Stack with AWS CloudFormation
Deploy an Application Using AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Section 6 - DevOps on AWS

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
AWS CodePipeline with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Create AWS CodeStar Project

 Section 7 - DNS Services and Content Delivery

Amazon Route 53 Overview and Routing Policies
Register Domain Using Route 53
Create Amazon CloudFront Distribution with S3 Static Website
Add an SSL/TLS Certificate and Route 53 Alias Record

Section 8 - Docker Containers and Serverless Computing

Docker Containers on Amazon ECS
Serverless with AWS Lambda

Section 9 - Application Integration and Loose Coupling

Amazon SNS and Amazon SQS
AWS Lambda to Amazon SQS Event Source Mapping
Serverless Application - Amazon SQS, SNS, and Lambda

Free AWS for beginners course... Enjoy!

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