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Jason Wright
Jason Wright

Posted on

Why should I learn AWS instead of Azure or Google Cloud?

If a total AWS newbie asked this question today, looking to start their career, as an AWS professional, how would you answer?

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I might be wrong on some of this as I also have a bias..

  • AWS is the most widely adopted and Dev friendly Cloud platform.
  • AWS skills seem to be the most valuable in the hiring market place
  • AWS is build on open source
  • AWS runs a number of different programs to help people to reinvent themselves as AWS experts
  • Their 200+ services are all their because of customer demand
  • They are data driven rather than marketing focused
  • Certification is much more simplified and generally more respected (Pro)
  • AWS have a come as your are policy, rather than forcing you to adopt their closed source software.
  • AWS documentation is second to none
  • AWS enterprise support is the best around
  • Attending reInvent can be life changing
  • The AWS community is an amazing space to be in
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Jesus Franco

Yes it takes advantage of open source, but that's sustainable?

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Ooo a reply!

Not sure, tell me more 😎