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Blockchain Technology-Present And Future Applications


Blockchain is a type of distributed database or ledger that allows the transparent sharing of information with a business network. Anything that costs a virtual value can be tracked and traded on a blockchain network where the risk of a security breach is completely low.

Present Applications of Blockchain Technology

As of today’s records, many business networks are being attracted by blockchain and its future application. Already many businesses have started to build their own blockchain network and some companies have implemented it. Some of the present technologies that use blockchain are discussed below.

➤ Money transfer

➤ Smart contracts in real estate

➤ NFT(Non-Fungible-Token)

Money Transfer:

Starting from bitcoins, cryptocurrency transfers have evolved widely. Due to its transparent sharing of information and high performance, many financial companies make use of blockchain technology in order to save time and money.

Smart Contracts in Real State:

Smart contracts in real estate are the same as regular contract processes except that the conditions of the contract are enforced in real-time on the blockchain and the middleman is eliminated which is not possible in real-time contracts. This saves a lot of time, money, no paperwork, and mainly no cheating can be caused.


NFTs are considered to be one of the hottest applications of blockchain. Digital items like voices, music, paintings, GIFS, images, videos, and vocals can now be sold on a blockchain network where the sole owner can claim the original rights for them.

Future Applications of Blockchain Technology

Many future ideas are imposed on this blockchain technology, some of the applications are on their way to launching while some are under development. Some main future applications are discussed here.

➤ Tracking the flow of black money

➤ Implementing National Digital Currencies by Governments

➤ Voting System

Tracking the flow of black money:

Blockchain has a transparent ledger system, which can track the flow and circulation of black money. As of today's records, many countries in the world are considering implementing blockchain technology, in order to track the black money flow which has a direct impact on the country's economy

Implementing National Digital Currencies by Governments:

Bitcoin is one of the most highly circulated cryptocurrencies in the market and its value is rising daily, unlike any money. Due to its hype and value, many governments are expected to launch their own digital currencies in the future.

Voting system:

Many countries in the world are in the idea of implementing blockchain in voting systems. Since the blockchain operates as a distributed ledger, it provides a visible record of every single vote and people can directly count the votes with the exception of knowing who voted who.

Best place to develop your own blockchain software:

Every company prefers to develop its software through a popular and leading company. You can either hire an experienced company or a third-party vendor for developing your software based on your choices and requirements. But choose wisely to develop your software in a successful and leading Blockchain Development Company by reviewing their previous projects, customers' reviews, and their success rate and fulfilling your expectation in launching your own blockchain development software.

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