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My AWS Story

I got into AWS through a friend.

I was a hobbyist Python developer, doing a few bits here and there (picked most of it up in college and uni working on side projects).

My friend works for a fairly large corporate, he got me in there doing some really basic stuff like helping with some baseline DevOps pipelines etc, wasn't bad money either.

Things really started to become interesting when AWS announced and then released the Cloud Development Kit.

The Cloud development kit gave me a window into AWS that aligned with my Python skills, it didn't take long before I was helping to define AWS architecture within in our CI/CD pipelines, specifically for testing first and then more around production.

Today I am the go to person for any AWS services that need to be automated and integrated into our test and release cycles, I also get to work on some backend services that are written in Python, who would have thought that my programming skills would bring both of these world's together.

Over the past year I have completed both my AWS associate exams, next year I am looking to take my Pro!

Wooo hooo! Check me out.

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