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#44 AWS Security: Stephen Kuenzli and Andreas Wittig on IAM

AWS IAM real-world advice from Stephen Kuenzli and Andreas Wittig


Stephen Kuenzli and I lead several cloud migration projects. In this conversation, we shared our learnings focusing on AWS security and IAM (Identity and Access Management). The result is advice and inspiration that will help you in your daily work. Our conversation is available as a video or podcast episode. In the following, you will also find a summary of our discussion.

As Michael is on parental leave, I invited Stephen to the cloudonaut podcast. Listen to our conversation on AWS security and IAM. Stephen has written a book for engineers who design, develop, and review AWS IAM security policies in their daily work: Effective IAM for Amazon Web Services. Besides that, Stephen is the founder of k9 Security with the mission to help organizations use the Cloud to improve security and manage risks to the organization and its customers.

Check out the blog post for details and links: AWS Security: Stephen Kuenzli and Andreas Wittig on IAM


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